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Feature Summary

What is Filemirror?

Filemirror is a Linux application that lets you back up files and directories, by keeping two directories you specify in sync.

It gives you a visual side-by-side comparison of the two synchronized areas, using color coding to represent which files are out of date on one side or the other, and which files do not have a copy on the other side.

Here's an screenshot of a sample Filemirror session:


This very simple example shows Filemirror syncing two directories, one called docs, and the other called doc_backup.  Files that are out of date are colored red, and files that are new, and haven't been backed up, are colored green.

Filemirror will copy files in both directions, to keep the directories in sync.  The graphical preview lets you see before you sync what's going to happen.

Feature Summary

        • GUI-based file and directory backup
        • Graphical preview of the state of your files, before you back up
        • Connects over your network to Windows machines, or to other Linux machines, to compare and back up files across the network
        • Supports many different sessions, allowing you to switch between them with a pull-down selection
        • Easy to configure
        • Includes built-in help

Where can I get Filemirror?

Filemirror is an open-source application.  You can download it here.

Filemirror runs on Linux.  You can download the source code and build it yourself, or you can download the RPM packages and install it pre-built.  Filemirror uses the Qt GUI toolkit, and runs under KDE.

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